I started Spacewhisperering when I came home from being ten years abroad. After completing my Graphic Design Diploma, I began working and circumnavigating on luxury sailing boats, learning how to work  in tiny spaces. Soon after I got married and settled, I took over as manager of a Scandinavian art museum, Didrichsen Taide Museo, in Helsinki Finland. My primary role being the wellbeing of the collection which included work of artists such as Monet, Picasso and Kandinsky. Storage and logistics were a large part of the project as art works need optimum climate to be stable.

Back in South Africa, with my practicle abilities and roll up your sleeves inclination, I began managing Blue Chip holiday accommodations for Perfect Hideaways in Cape Town and have been consulting for them over the past seven years.

I have worked as an organizer in the retail sector and for private clients sorting their residences and second homes.

Realising what an enormous effect the immediate environment has on one and how, by setting in motion changes to that environment, ones personal or commercial wellbeing is enhanced, I find the therapeutic nature of my work facinating and always aim at creating sustanabe changes in peoples lives.

With Spacewhisperer expanding I brought Jimmy on board to keep up with the technical and maintenance side of the business………



Jimmy has a background in Electrical, Mechanical, Production and Marine Engineering, Corporate Staging and Hire, and systems engineering in theatre – State, Baxter and Market Theatres.

Coming from a family of accomplished artists and son of an Architect he has a keen sense of the balance between utility, order and the aesthetic.

“Disorder is not conducive to peace and clear thought and creativity. For me mess is stress. I have packed up and moved forensically about 43 times.”

“Generally, if you can’t find it, it is no use to you. Space is the asset – if you must fill it, then do it wisely. Good storage systems give me the warm fuzzies. I suppose my life is a journey toward transcending the complexity of a modern living environment and still being able to work on the engineering projects that please me. De-cluttering can be a cycle for some – our relationship with material things (and our space) produces a lot of feelings in us – if we lose control, the effect can be hindering. Function cannot be without form. Knowledge of ones self, decisive action and the right equipment make things a lot easier.”

And a carefully chosen new spacewhisperer…..

Lerié has a very diverse background and set of experiences. Starting out as a PA in the corporate environment which set the tone for enabling her to assist in organising others’ lives. She is creative by nature, sculpts, paints and has experience as graphic designer, giving her a sense of form and space. Lerié has done various building and renovation projects including the concept and design of a wine, art & décor emporium shop. Her love for design and architecture combined with her practical nature, enable spaces that are beautiful as well as functional. Lerie works with CAD to assist her However, it is her yearning for balance and tranquility she regards as her greatest asset. Living her life without clutter and baggage to weigh her down or hold her back is her optimal way of being. With a compassionate understanding and ability to relate to others, she brings a sense of peace to the activity of Spacewhispering.

Lerie also does Thai Healing massage, Hara Shiatsu Abdominal massage, Reiki Healing therapy and is a Life Coach facilitator.