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Kim Hough

Thank you for giving us the leg-up to get started on our de-cluttering! We plan to do some more this weekend and will be sure to call you if we need any extra help! Well done on finding something you are really good at – you achieved miracles!


Dawn Macfarlane: Nutritionist

Not only do I highly recommend Tonya from Space Whisperer, but consider it a blessing to have her wise council and friendship which come together with her multi-faceted offerings. She provides an invaluable service, creating a harmonious, clean and organised external environment which provide inspiration for moving forward with clarity and confidence. Her energy, helpfulness and enthusiasm make it a pleasure to work with her, something I always look forward to. I never thought space cleaning could be so much fun!

Wardrobe Organizing & Styling

Mandy Waldbaum

A month ago Tonya was up in Johannesburg and we got to talking about style and organisation. I admitted to her that I was fed up with my wardrobe. Not only did I not know how to organise it in such a way that it was easy to maintain but I felt that I had no sense of personal style and was feeling completely jaded on the subject.

Without hesitation Tonya marched me over to my cupboard and started going through it with me. Not only did we de-clutter it and organise it in no time at all, but she pointed out where I was making mistakes in my clothing choices and offered up suggestions on how to improve this. She also gave me hints on how to combine what I had in my wardrobe to maximum effect.

Her no-nonsense and ‘go-to’ attitude ensured that this entire process took merely an hour. I had no idea what an impact this short activity had actualy made at first. It is only now, after a month has passed, that I really notice the difference. I feel more confident in my clothing and shopping has become exciting again. I have been receiving compliments on a daily basis and I have even been told that I am looking younger!

Tonya has literally changed my entire outlook and I now can’t wait to get out the house every day and walk with my head held high. I’ve rediscovered MYSELF and my confidence is at an all time high.

I cannot thank her enough for what she did for me – she is a true master at what she does!

Healing Space

Eastlyn Nelson-Tansley

My place was stuck. I kept it clean, but was it clear? Clear of what?

My spaceclearer Tonya , came to the rescue once more and after doing an on-sight evaluation of my situation, made an appointment to work with my space for 2h.

I was told to gather a couple of items… like to provide her with certain personal objects including a poem reflecting my intention for my future space.

When she came, I could see she was prepared for the clearing event..

What a surprise i received! My space gets clearer and clearer as time goes on. It just needed a catalyst like the spacewhisperer….



During a period of mourning for my late husband, I had let my “spaces” get very cluttered, disorganised and found everything completely overwhelming.

I heard about Tonya on Cape Talk / 567 and contacted her immediately. I knew she was the answer I was looking for!

We made an arrangement to meet and for Tonya to have a look at “my mess”. When she left with a commitment to think about it and provide a proposal, I already felt a huge sense of relief that there was an answer!

Two days (it would have taken me months) was all it took to have my spaces were in a state that I could once again manage. I have always kept cupboards and drawers organised so they looked good, Tonya helped me reorganise in a more practical way that is easier to keep organised long term.

Because of “the mess” I felt embarrassed for anyone to see in cupboards and drawers, but Tonya does not judge your mess, she just helps you sort it out!!

I never felt pressurised to get rid of things I did not want to, Tonya has very logical thoughts about “things” and where they are best placed and very gently shares her thoughts with you, but leaves you to make the final decisions, she is very sensitive to items of sentimentality.

Tonya is organised and works very quickly with lots of energy.

You won’t regret inviting this very special person to whisper in your space.

Fire Disaster

Helen Untiedt

I had a bad fire in my daughter’s bedroom, The roof and chimney caught alight, the chimney passed through a built in cupboard. There was a lot of damage, fire, smoke and water, it was very chaotic and where does one start to clean up!!! Tonya arrived as the fire engine left, she assessed the damage and immediately got to work. She helped to clean up the water through the rest of the house, before starting on the room with the fire. She quickly started to separate everything. Everything became piles of towels, linen, pillowcases, clothing, pants, jerseys, toys etc Lists were made for insurance purposes. Tonya worked on our outside deck which helped to remove some of the chaos from the inside of the house. What could be rescued she took to the laundry, what was too damaged was discarded, and anything where possible was given to the charity shop. Tonya handled everything, what seemed like a mountain was quickly reduced to something manageable and organised. With the lists it was easy to fill in the insurance claim forms, as everything was itemized.

I would highly recommend Tonya to anyone trying to put order into their home, work, space. She works with high speed, and is very aware of sentimental possessions and helps you to let go when necessary and what to hang onto. I also like the fact that she recycles, and makes use where possible of things we no longer need. Nothing goes to waste, and very little will end up as land fill. She will also teach you how to put systems in place so the chaos in our spaces is minimized. Something I am very grateful for.

Studio Move

Karen Suskin

Moving my great big studio into the garage temporarily meant sorting out and making space in the garage. This entailed having to deal with all those things that have been in the “transit lounge” for years. Artefacts awaiting repair, tools regularly or rarely used, precious heirlooms for that one day when the cupboard is built, others begging release and destined for the charity shop and even the dump. Attached to this is a great big leap one must take emotionally, that is of letting go. Letting go of the children’s toys that can no longer be stored, discovering rain damage on my student art work (yes, stored since 1984!) and Granny’s Venetian glassware, crushed by the old speaker box, and so on and … so on.

What started as a somewhat insurmountable job was turned around by Tonya as an opportunity to bring order into the garage and transformation into my life (the soft and gentle council took good effect!).

Honestly I could not have achieved in a week what Tonya the Space Clearer sorted in two days! A brief consultation, an immediate strategy, sensitive client “management” and an ability to put into perspective and into place a well ordered plan. All this was done with ease and yet tremendous energy, enthusiasm and positivity. Tonya’s deep understanding of process and tremendous respect for intimacy created order out of chaos. As I insisted she take a break over lunch I tentatively enquired how it was going, “Great” she replied enthusiastically, “I can’t wait for you to take a look”.

Knowing her client by now, not only was there order but compositionally the garage was aesthetically organized, what with happy, new associations being formed between things that now found themselves side by side.

Tonya had even set up a niche area with a chair strategically poised for that future moment when I would sit and go through granny’s glassware! I certainly look forward to taking Tonya into other areas of my home that need attention.”


Sharon Cornish

I heard about Tonya from a mutual friend. I had just undergone major surgery on both my knees and my recovery took a few months. During this time I had very little physical strength and as a result my home became very disrupted, I had lost control of my usually neat space and I felt like I was living in chaos. I was very depressed and did not know where to start.

I contacted Tonya to set up an interview and when I met her she went around my home with me and made some notes about where I was at and what I wanted to achieve with regards to my living space.

On the day we had decided to do the space clearing, she arrived prepared, with boxes, packaging, tape, marking pen – everything we needed to get packing.

I found Tonya to be very organized, systematic and energetic. She was patient and showed great compassion. It took two days to organize my space into boxes which were then neatly stacked into my garage to dispose of.

Tonya offered the most amazing support, she made me feel as though someone cared enough to assist me with what I was not able to do. She in this time became a friend who I could rely on (and I have!)

I had also made a decision to move back to Gauteng and left before my items were to be transported. When the removals company came to collect the goods, Tonya was there to oversee all the details.

As far as I’m concerned, Tonya is a godsend and I do not know how I would have coped with everything without her.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is overwhelmed by their own personal space and wants to declutter but does not know where to start.

Costume Wardrobe / Theatre

Waldorf Drama Department

Madelein Volschenk

Last year Tonya volunteered to sort out the drama department’s years of accumulated mess. I had the privilege to work at her side for the two weeks it took her. Tonya came up with a simple sustainable plan. Meticulously and energetically she worked her way through piles of costumes, props, broken furniture and junk. The problem was a result of years of chaos and though we knew it was a mess no one had the energy or the guts to try make sense of it.

By the third day I was ready to give up but Tonya kept encouraging me with kindness and insight. A lot of thought went into every decision she made and she never lost momentum I was astounded by her common sense and good cheer. She stayed on, sometimes till late at night and delivered on her promises better than my wildest imagination.

The result has amazed everyone who had worked in the mess before. She is still involved giving advice in categorising and maintenance.


Lesdley Wood- Immigrating consultation

Tonya was a wonderful help when I imigrated. She assisted me with what to keep, what to sell and more importantly where I could get the best prices. She is a wealth of knowledge while having empathy, patience and compassion with the stress of moving. I truly appreciated all the help she offered. Thank you Tonya!