Relocation – post move tasks

Quote based


  • Clean floors, vacuum carpets
  • Clean cupboard interiors
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean kitchens and stoves- detail
  • Clean windows
  • Empty and clean bins
  • Cut lawn
  • Trim hedges, prune if required
  • Rake leaves
  • Clean pool
  • Remove green waste and left over debris
  • Dispose of unwanted items, furniture, donations etc
  • Dispose of waste from garage (paint, wood, e-waste etc)
  • Shred documents
  • Check gullies and drains are clear

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (would be dealt with separately):

  • Specified project work like dilapidations, plumbing, electrical issue, graffiti, filling holes in walls
  • Lost keys/refitting locks
  • Ensuring arrival and packing procedure if storage facility is booked