• Redefining your holiday home for rental income
  • Reviewing a rental home to produce more income
  • Reclaiming underutilized commercial space
  • Remodeling office/work  space for more productivity
  • Retainer based site services to maintain properties

Work Your space
There is often potential income locked up in spaces
and properties, That, with some planning and attention
can be accessed.  I will assess this potential and put
together a plan to make your space work more viably.  I will
also manage implementation of work needing to be done

  • De cluttering
  • Downscaling
  • Letting go and moving on after loss
  • Hoarding
  • Workshops and groups

Clutter Therapy
When there is an interruption in the regular routine of life
whether it be becoming a parent or losing a partner , time and energy go into resolving those events and our spaces
get neglected. I will help you confront backlog and regain
order and control of your space

  • Secure, climate controlled art storage facility
  • Art logistics

Art Storage
With limited options for commercial storage facilities in
South Africa, many collectors and galleries store valuable
artworks at a risk.

Working together with Aspiring Art Logistics,
we can offer you a secure, climate controlled storage facility and logistics in Cape Town.